Fireplace Makeover in Wayland

I love it when I get a chance to do a fireplace makeover with thin stone. Maybe its partly from all the makeover shows my wife watches, and its my own version of a makeover show. This house was in fact being remodeled and the fireplace was indeed in need for some … [Read more...]

A Look Behind an Old Chimney

If you think your chimney is in need of repair, it probably is! Now that it's football season again and there are few hints of fall foliage I would encourage anyone with a chimney to just pause for a moment and look at your chimney up and down. In this post I discussed efflorescence and showed how … [Read more...]

Granite Rumford Fireplace

Add Elegance to Your Home with a Rumford Fireplace   Many Massachusetts home building projects start as an idea long before any building permits are applied for. Some of these projects are more of a feeling or an overall look people want their house to have once its completed. Some people … [Read more...]