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Technique to Repair Rubble Foundation – Part 2

In the last post we discussed the importance of making masonry repairs with lime mortar if the unit is built with lime mortar. In this post we will have some photos of repointing techniques to stabilize the wall, seal it, and improve its appearance.

Our first project is a stone foundation that has lime mortar inside the wall, but the original masons wanted to make it look like a dry stacked wall so its not very visible.

rubble foundation

Our process for improving this wall was to turn to our trusty quick point mortar gun and repoint the entire foundation!

The mortar we will use is the lime works mortar as discussed in the previous post. It has great workability, texture and pan life.

The quickpoint does an excellent job at injecting the mortar into the crevices that I simply could not accomplish to the same degree by hand. A little bit of work with it and the wall starts to look like this.

stone foundation repair


It usually takes 3 or 4 days to do a whole cellar but this is what the finished walls look like.

20131018_150000 20131018_150023


A huge improvement from this.