Chimney and Fireplace Restoration

Stone Fireplace Restoration in Massachusetts

Do you have a one-of-a-kind or custom masonry, brick or stone fireplace or chimney that needs to be restored?

We can restore old, weathered masonry back to it's original appearance and make it safe and functional once again.

There are many homes in our area of Massachusetts that are not only decades old, but perhaps over a century old!  Travelling in time back that far and most of those living in our area heated their homes using wood burning stoves so it's no surprise we have an abundance of traditional wood burning fireplaces in our homes.

JB Mohler Masonry is a masonry contractor based out of Lancaster, MA.  We specialize in the restoration of antique and historic masonry fireplaces and chimneys throughout Massachusetts.

Whether it's a traditional brick fireplace from the turn of the century or a natural and rustic looking river rock fireplace that has begun to show it's age JB Mohler Masonry can restore it for you.

Fireplace and Chimney Restoration

  • Historic Fireplace or Chimney Restoration
  • Masonry Tuck Pointing
  • Fireplace or Chimney Brick Replacement
  • Fireplace Refacing
  • Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

How Do We Restore Your Old, Historic or Antique Fireplace and Chimney?

The fireplace and chimney restoration process begins with a thorough inspection of the fireplace, the chimney and it's structural integrity.

After we've determined the scope of the work involved to restore your chimney or fireplace we'll be able to provide you with a detailed estimate to complete the project for you.

The age, materials and architectural style of your fireplace or chimney along with the accessibility and feasibility of the job will help determine the final cost of your project.

Why Choose JB Mohler Masonry To Restore Your Historic Fireplace or Chimney in Massachusetts?

When you choose JB Mohler Masonry to restore your antique or historic fireplace and chimney in your home or building you are partnering with a professional mason with more than 20 years experience.  

We'll spend the time to guide you through the process, discussing the pros and cons of the process and what will be most suitable for your structure.  You can count on receiving expert advice, fair pricing and a beautifully restored fireplace and chimney.

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