Affordable Massachusetts Tuck Pointing

Everything wears and tears with age. A building made of brick masonry is also not an exception. Over time the chemicals within brick and mortar break down. But, a homeowner in Massachusetts does not need to worry over these things, as long as he can opt for Massachusetts tuck pointing. It is a great method for preserving the house structure and its value. In case of high-rise building, the worst enemy is the weight of the wall. The wall exerts a downward force that slowly cracks the brick. So Massachusetts brick restoration and masonry need to be repaired from time to time. Moreover, if tuck pointing is done before the cracks appear, a homeowner can save hundreds of dollars on the repair cost.

Brick masonry is subject to weather changes and thus the wall is stressed. Moisture and relative humidity in the environment combine with the ingredients of brick and mortar. The method of Massachusetts tuck pointing controls cracking and lengthens the life of the house. This method involves in dealing with smaller cracks before they can grow into bigger ones. The method requires a professional to fill in cracks with fresh mortar, clay, or any sort of putty. An experienced mason cuts into the existing mortar between one-fourth and three-fourth of an inch. Then he pushes the fresh mixture into the new space.

The method of tuck pointing to lengthen lifespan of a building is not a new one. In fact it is known to be used by Massachusetts masonry contractors for over 200 years. This method is very much important in maintaining the overall safety and quality of the brick masonry. Using this method, a mason corrects the variations and provides the homeowner with a smoothly finished brick wall. This method not only keeps the walls strong, but allows the building to last for many years as well. One should not neglect small cracks or crazing. Repairing done in the initial stage can save hundreds of dollars on the contractor’s bill.

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