Massachusetts Masonry Contractor

The masonry we build today in Massachusetts is built with the highest degree of skill, whether it is a stone wall, brick veneer, natural stonework, or a chimney repair. With 15 years of Massachusetts masonry contractorexperience working with homeowners, builders and architects throughout Massachusetts, every project is approached with patience and pride to achieve the customer's highest expectation.

Throughout human civilization, architects and builders have chosen masonry for its beauty, versatility, and durability. Artistic and durable, masonry structures can withstand the wear and tear of centuries.

Skilled Rumford Fireplace Builder

Rumford fireplaces have a long, rich history. Designed by Count Rumford, noted scientist and inventor, the Rumford fireplace is tall and shallow with steeply angled side walls and an elegant curved throat. This design radiates more heat into the room, minimizes loss of heated air up the chimney and burns cleanly - Rumford reference from

Custom Stone Masonry in Massachusetts

Our professional stone masonry services in Massachusetts can add elegance, beauty and character to your home in many ways. Long ago people relied on stone masonry to be structural. It was our foundations and in some cases the walls themselves. Today we mostly only build with stone in the yard on stone walls, Chimneys, fireplaces and veneers on the house. Read More

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  • Add Elegance to Your Home with a Rumford Fireplace Many Massachusetts home building projects start as an idea long before any building permits are applied for. Some of these projects are more of a feeling or an overall look people want their hou...
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  • Do you have an old stone foundation that you need repaired? We can help, but first some information. A couple hundred years ago we didn't have poured concrete foundations, flue liners or Diet Pepsi :) Lot of people in Massachusetts and all over the c...

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