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Granite Rumford Fireplace

Add Elegance to Your Home with a Rumford Fireplace Many Massachusetts home building projects start as an idea long before any building permits are applied for. Some of these projects are more of a feeling or an overall look people want their house to have once its completed. Some people scour magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and […]

Remodeling a Massachusetts Fireplace

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Many people have a fireplace they may not be thrilled with and are debating if they should remodel it.  In this segment I will walk you through how to go about remodeling your fireplace using thin stone. For more on what is thin stone. This is the patient.  An antique fireplace over 100 years old.   […]

Improving a Fireplace with Thin Stone

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Throughout Massachusetts there certainly is no shortage of fireplaces.  Some conventional fireplaces were the norm a while back, some were built with a budget and some were not designed well from the start.   If you have a fireplace that you are thinking about revamping, there are some options available.  Depending on the type of fireplace, […]

Building – Rumford Fireplaces

We thought you would like to see the process of how an interior chimney with two Rumford fireplaces are built. After blocking up the cellar and then pouring concrete into the hearth area we begin by building up the chimney to the height of the hearth. The firebox floor and the top of the hearth […]

How can a chimney help lower your gas or oil bill?

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Running a Massachusetts masonry company that specializes in  Rumford Fireplaces and woodstoves is hard work and the rising cost of oil makes everything cost more money, squeezing pennies out of everyone. Finding ways to save money, especially on heating, is where many people of Massachusetts are turning. I happen to watch a lot of CNN […]

Heating with a manufactured fireplace

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As most everyone is aware, the surprise snow storm left a lot of people without power and without heat. Such a freak storm, one for the record books I suppose, dumping a heavy wet snow on us, and raking havoc with the power lines. So what are people to do when they have no power, […]

Massachusetts Fireplace Remodeling Tips

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  Remodeling your fireplace can completely change the look and feel of a room, whether it is a living room, den, great room, family room, bedroom or kitchen.  A good Massachusetts fireplace contractor can make the new fireplace the center of focus in the room if you use the right styling and materials.  Whether you […]

What To Consider With A Masonry Fireplace Design

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A Massachusetts masonry fireplace design can add unmatched beauty and efficiency to any home. Not only can they bring the tranquility of a fireplace, but their design can also incorporate other functional aspects as well. Here are just a few ideas to help you with any masonry fireplace design. When designing a wood burning fireplace, […]